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OMB Number 0970-0207 Administration for Children and Families Department of Health and Human Services Expiration Date 01/31/2013 Line Item Budget Form for Head Start and Early Head Start Grantee Number Delegate Number Agency Name Position HS/EHS Cost for Program Operations Training Technical Assistance a. PERSONNEL Object class 6a Child Health and Developmental Services Personnel 1. Program Managers Content Area Experts 2. Teachers/Infant Toddler Teachers 3. Family Child Care Personnel 4....
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All right today we're talking about Excel and spreadsheets and we're going to start you can see I've opened up Microsoft Excel I've only got a portion of the screen here to save on my video file size but we're going to create a simple budget and what we're going to do is make a couple of fields here now all I'm going to do is use the arrow keys to move around or use the mouse to click on the one that I want and type into the fields so I've filled in some of these fields and our goal here is to hit a savings of let's say $20,000 one of the things you can do in Excel is if you want to make something currency style you can just select the cell that you want and click this button right here that's a dollar sign and it turns into currency style you can also click and drag and drag and now I have all of these actually we'll go down here and I'll have all of those and I'll click them on currency and even though these have letters in it it doesn't affect them but everything is set to currency style so now that I now when I put numbers in everything will be currency style this one we actually don't want currency style so I'm going to ctrl Z which goes one step back you can also go to edit and undo so you can undo everything now it's gone all of this now it's gone two steps back so we're actually going to ctrl click click all the ones that we want to be currency style one in that one and click this little button here and it's now currency style all those ones that we selected and this number of months here won't be however we're going to have to work with that one in a minute we're going to have to change that so we have this person has a full-time job that brings in let's say $2,000 a month and a part-time job that brings in $800 a month and the rent is going to be Oh $600 a month he's got a $300 a month car payment and bills that he can't avoid in the amount of $1,000 a month you know who gasoline being so high and all so what we're going to do is we're going to start calculating totals of this other is going to be extra expenses in this total down here we're going to have to enter a formula now you can either click up here in the formula bar and type in your formula or if it's a short short small formula you can just type in here you begin with the equals key and what you're doing is telling this cell that it is equal to something now you have to tell it what it's equal to the total is going to be equal to you can either type in the name of the cell you can type in b5 or you can click it and it's going to be equal to B 5 + B 6 now we're going to have to do some subtraction over here so just to make sure that we don't get anything wrong in our order of operations we're going to go back remember order of operations PEMDAS PE ndas parentheses exponents multiplication division addition subtraction we're going to make sure we put that in parentheses so that that becomes a total and then our subtotal and then we're going to subtract our expenses which we're...
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